EIA Reagents
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EIA Reagents

Immunoassay Reagents:

Single component TMB substrate

A unique proprietary formulation that results in high signal/noise ratio with horseradish peroxidase labelled enzyme conjugates. Quality assured to have minimal lot to lot variability and extended stability.

Product Code: Description Price  
TMB006/100 One component TMB substrate, 100mL Enquire  
TMB006/500 One component TMB substrate, 500mL Enquire  
TMB006/1000 One component TMB substrate, 1000mL Enquire  

Microtitre plate Pouches and Desiccants:

Optimal storage of antibody or protein coated microplates is important for the preservation of activity. Deterioration of antigens and antibodies coated onto plates is observed with time. This is often due to absorption of moisture on storage at 2-8C. Microimmune Ltd. now offers re-sealable pouches and self-indicating desiccants that will preserve your coated plates.

Product Code: Description Price  
PP007/20 Plate pouches, 20 resealable pouches Enquire  
PP007/100 Plate pouches, 100 resealable pouches Enquire  
DESC008/20 20, Self indicating dessicant pouches, 1g each Enquire  
DESC008/100 100 Self-indicating dessicant pouches, 1g each Enquire