Custom Services
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Custom Services

Hybridoma Development:

With over 15 years experience in generating monoclonal antibodies, Scientists at Microimmune Ltd will work with you in developing monoclonal antibodies to virtually any target analyte.  We are happy to advise on immunisation schedules, screening procedures and in-vitro production of antibodies.  All projects will be undertaken in the strictest confidence. If you already have monoclonal antibodies and would like to produce antibodies in-vitro at high concentrations, then Microimmune Ltd will provide this service.  We will optimise growth conditions and provide you with either purified antibody or culture supernatant as required.

Antibody Purification and Conjugation:

Our immunochemists have over 25 years experience in antibody purification and modification.  We provide custom service for affinity purification and modification of antibodies with fluorescent dyes/enzymes.

Assay Development:

Our scientists are from both commercial and academic backgrounds and bring together a wealth of talent in assay development.  Some of the worlds leading commercial assays in microbiology have been developed by our scientists.  If you would like assistance with assay development, whether it be immunoassays or molecular based assays please contact us.